Stanislav Fort

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

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I am an AI and machine learning researcher, a physicist, a fan of progress, and an optimist about technology. I am publishing my academic research and talk about AI a lot on X/Twitter.

Some professional things about me:
  • 🌈 I research Large Language Models (LLMs), security, uncertainty, safety, hallucinations, and interpretability at Google DeepMind
  • ⚖ïļ Led the Large Language Model team at Stability AI
  • 📏 Worked on the Claude model and AI research on the Alignment team at Anthropic
  • 📈 Researched scaling, bridging theory and practice, and out-of-distribution robustness as a Research Scientist Intern at DeepMind
  • 🧠 Was a Google AI Resident and started and led 5 projects at Google Brain

And a few more academic things about me: